Hi, I'm

Keivan Jamali

Civil Engineering Student at Sharif University of Technology

You can see my Resume here

Civil Engineering at Sharif University of Technology

My Skills :

Here you can fine my most significant skills.

Python Programming
PyTorch - Machine Learning
Data Analysis - Pandas & Numpy
Prompt Engineering

Other Skills : MathCad | MatLab | Maple | LaTeX | CSS | HTML | Revit | PhotoShop | CSI Etabs | AutoCAD

Research Interests :

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Traffic Flow
  • Automated Vehicles
  • Behavior
  • Machine Learning

Education :

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering   |   Sharif University of Technology
             29th October 2020 – 21st June 2024   |   18.84 out of 20.00 (GPA : 4.0/4.0)   |   Ranked 2 among 80
  •  High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics  |  National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (Sampad)  
             Sep 2014 – June 2020   |   Per : 19.63/20.00 or 98%

Projects :

  • Clinic Online Website   |   Oct 2023 –  Jan 2024  |   Supervisor: Dr. Habibi
    • Our team developed a clinic website using Python and Django. The platform streamlines clinic management by handling appointment scheduling, patient registration, and medical record management.
    • Leveraging the Django framework, we created a user-friendly web application. Patients can easily book appointments and access their medical history, while administrators efficiently manage staff schedules and patient records.
    • Our project involved defining tables, implementing classes with object-oriented programming (OOP) methods, and seamlessly integrating the back-end and front-end components using Django.
    • The project can be tracked on KeivanJamali.com and GitHub.
  • Traffic Demand Modeling Using Neural Networks   |   Jun 2023 – Jan 2024   |   Supervisor: Dr. Z. Amini
    • Developed and implemented a traffic demand modeling framework using the Gravity model and Neural Networks for accurate flow prediction.
    • Analyzed results from four OD matrices (SiouxFalls, Anaheim, Chicago, and Gold Coast Zones) to gain insights into traffic patterns.
    • Contributing to a research paper on the findings.
    • Documented the project details and outcomes on KeivanJamali.com & GitHub.
  • FEM Modeling of Azadi Tower   |   Feb 2023 – Jun 2023   |   Supervisor: Dr. M. Ahmadi
    • Developed a 2D FEM model to simulate and analyze the structural behavior of Azadi Tower.
    • Provided valuable insights by analyzing displacements and forces of each node.
    • Received the highest score in the class (2.5 out of 2).
    • Project is available on KeivanJamali.com & GitHub.
  • Modeling the Transfer of Pollution in the Persian Gulf   |   Feb 2023 – June 2023   |   Supervisor: Dr. Danesh
    • Developed a comprehensive model to simulate pollution diffusion and advection in the Persian Gulf.
    • Investigated the impact of primary pollutants and analyzed pollution transfer patterns.
    • Created an animation illustrating the movement and spread of pollutants within the ocean.
    • Project is available on KeivanJamali.com & GitHub.
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