Azadi Tower of Iran

Using Python and Finite Element Analysis to Model the Azadi Tower of Iran

Relative Fields: Structure Engineering, Steel Engineering, Programming

Project Overview

Here we are trying to model the Azadi tower as a trust 2d model, therefore we can find forces and displacements of any node in the structure by the method of Finite Element.


Project Steps :

  • Defined the structure in python.
  • Implement the finite element in the code
  • Plot the result to show the displacements.

Results of The Project

The amount of displacements and forces in each node.

This code can be used to different structures in trust form.

Here is the result of the following project. (there is some exaggeration according to the more clear result to see the hole pattern) :

Code Sources :

This modeling is done by python.

Here you can fine all codes and results :


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