Persian Gulf Pollution

Make the function of pollute movement in Persian Gulf including advection and diffusion.

Relative Fields: Environment Engineering, Programming

Project Overview

In this project we want to model an imaginary situation in a Persian Gulf which is covering the leakage position in the ocean.


What is the speed and the time of the pollution in these situations? 

1. only diffusion

2. diffusion and advection with constant speed

3. diffusion and advection with accelerating speed

Project Steps :

  • Code out the diffusion and advection.
  • Find millions of colors to better showing the change in the ocean.
  • Plot the figure and make the animation for better understanding the situation.

Results of The Project

Even the low amount of leakage can be so harmful.

There are 3 results in animation and the third scenario is showing below.

Code Sources :

This modeling is done by python.

Here you can fine all codes and results :


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