Clinic Online Website

Programming a clinic apointment website using Database, Python, Django.

Relative Fields: Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Django, Query

Project Overview

In the context of the ‘Advanced Programming’ course, my team and I developed a clinic website using Python and Django. Our goal was to create a comprehensive platform that would facilitate various aspects of clinic management, including appointment scheduling, patient registration, and medical record management.

Using the Django framework, we implemented a robust and user-friendly web application. We designed an intuitive interface that allows patients to easily book appointments and view their medical history. Additionally, we incorporated features for clinic administrators to manage staff schedules, track patient records, and generate reports.

Project Steps :

  • Defined Tables
  • defined Classes with the OOP methods
  • Work on the backend and Front end using Django

Results of The Project

Code Sources :

This program is done by python.

Here you can fine all codes and results :


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